Maize / Yellow Corn

The yellow grains grown from a grassy plant family called Poaceae. The leafy stalk of the plant contains the grains. Due to its ability to grow in diverse climates, many parts of the world grow this grain. Maize is both used as food and to make animal feed products.

Parameters Value
Moisture 14% Max
Admixture & Other grains 2% Max
Foreign Matter 1.5% Max
Broken Kernels 2% Max
Aflatoxine 20 PPB Max
Damaged / Immature etc 5% Max
Packing 50kg PP Bag

Animal Feeds

Food given to domesticated animals that are derived from plant and plant products comes in this category. Generally they are used in Dairy farms, Poultry farms and for pet animal.

Soybean Meal

It is a by-product of soya bean. It is the residue of soya bean after the extraction of soya bean oil. This is mainly used in Animal Husbandry as cattle feed, feed used in poultry farms as well as fish feeds.

Parameters Value
Moisture 12.0% Max
Protein 46-48 %
Fat 1.0% Max
Crude fibre 6.0% Max
Shelf 8.0% Max
Acid insoluble ash 2.0% Max
Urea Activity 0.30% Max
Packing 50kg bulk package