Fresh Produce

The term generally refers to fruits and vegetables directly brought from the farm for selling. India is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. Some of them are seasonal while a few are available throughout all seasons.


It is an edible fruit grown in the plant Genus Musa. They come in different colours and sizes but have a soft flesh covered with skin that may be yellow, green, red, purple or brown.


They are fruits with thick skins and pearl like seeds normally pink or red in colour with lot of juice. They are used in juices, smoothies, baking products, for garnishing meals and used in alcoholic beverages.


This is the root of a plant species in the genus Allium. The onion plants grow from 6 inches to 18 inches in height. Onions are cultivated and used throughout the world.

Indian Seasonable Vegetables

India is the leading producer of vegetables and fruit in the world. Many of these are available at particular seasons. Pumpkin,Carrot, Cabbage, Bitter gourd, Tendly, Okra etc. We supply seasonal vegetables according to customer requirement. For specific requirement you can send an enquiry to us.