Upcoming projects

We have conceived plans to establish ourselves as a leading supplier of agro products of international quality standards. Over a period of time, we will be commissioning our own production units with an in-house Research and Development division of new products as well as a laboratory for quality testing.

First phase

In the first phase of our business development agenda, we plan to open a fully automated unit for the production of the following:-

Coconut Products

  1. Packed Tender Coconut Water
  2. Desiccated coconut powder
  3. Coconut chips

All the above projects are open for investment for reputed individuals / Corporations / Venture Capitalists.

Diversification - Textiles and Garment Division

Why Textiles and Garments?

We are located close to Tirupur, a suburban town of Coimbatore that houses nearly 5000 textile mills. In view of our strategic location, we have an advantage of the availability of skilled professionals from the textile industry engaged in production for the international textile/clothing market. Many of the World Renowned Companies import textile products from Tirupur. We are dynamically seeking to venture into the textile and garment production market in the near future.